The One-Time Password (OTP) feature of Blaze enhances security for file downloads and uploads by implementing two-step authentication. It sends a unique code to the user’s email, ensuring that only authorized recipients can access the files.

Attaching Files for Download: 

  • Fill in the required details.
  • Attach the files you intend to send.

Enabling OTP Security: 

  • Select “Verify access with One-Time Password via email (OTP)” for enhanced security. 
  • Enter recipient’s email address.

Sending the files:

  • Click on ‘Send Files’ to send your files.
  • Share the generated link directly with your recipient

  • When the recipient accesses the link and OTP is enabled, they will be prompted to enter their email address.
  • Recipients will get an email containing the OTP.
  • Once the OTP is entered, the file becomes available for download.

Add/remove Recipient: 

  • Go to ‘Files & Portals,’ and then click on the ‘Sent’ tab. Find the package you want to update the recipient for.

  • Select ‘Manage link’ from the action menu.
  • Add/remove recipients to existing link.

Case 2: Upload Portals with OTP

Setting up an Upload Portal:

  • Complete the necessary details.
  • Choose “Verify access with One-Time Password via email (OTP)” during setup. 

Note: Further steps are as similar to the Download Link steps mentioned above.

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