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In order to send files between your teammates or collaborators effectively, you can invite them to your workspace. If you haven’t created a workspace for your team, please do so first.

1. Workspace members

First, please access the Members page from the header menu.

This page will show you the current members of your workspace. First, check if the person is already in your workspace.

2. Manage invitations

By clicking on the Invitation tab button, you will see the status of the pending invitations you’ve sent already. Some pending invitations might have expired already, in which case you can delete them and re-invite the person again. If the list is empty, it means that there is no pending invitation in this workspace.

3. Invite to Workspace

Click on Invite to Workspace button, and you will be asked to enter the information of the new user.

  • Role: Select Admin if you wish to grant access to the Workspace Membership page.
  • Email: Enter the email address of the new user.

Then click on Send Invitation to send an invitation email to the person.


  • If you’re using a free workspace, you’re limited to 2 users maximum, including yourself. You’ll need to upgrade to the paid plans if you want to invite more members.
  • If you have a paid plan, please make sure that you have enough licenses. You can add more on the Workspace Subscription page.
  • Please note that pending invitations are counted as members. You can delete them if they’re not planning to join.

4. Accepting invitations (For invited users)

The person who was invited to your workspace will receive an email that contains the instructions to accept the invitation. If the person is not a Blaze user, he/she will need to sign up first.

After logging in to Blaze, a notification will show in the header menu.

There will be an invitation waiting, which can be accepted by clicking on the Accept icon.

A new workspace will be added to the list.

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