The most secured file transfer solution​

Blaze Transfer is a Quantum-safe End-to-End encrypted large file transfer platform for industrial, enterprise, and individual users. Your data is safe against both quantum computers and classical computers.


"Zero-Knowledge" security

Secured By Design

With BlazeQ quantum-safe encryption, your data is secured against unauthorized access when shared, stored, or transmitted. BlazeQ uses Kyber-1024, ECC-256, and AES-256.

Fast Large File Transfer

With Blaze Transfer, you can quickly and safely share big files. It's super secure, easy to use, and works fast - perfect for any team for internal and external collaborations!

Protection against "Harvest Now, Decrypt Later" attacks!

Strong encryption, real-time protection, indecipherable data, secure key management, minimized vulnerability for sensitive data.

Your data security is our priority!

So that you can focus on your team's productivity

What Makes Us Different

Quantum-Safe Encryption

Keep your data safe with quantum-safe encryption using Kyber-1024, 256-bit Elliptic Curve, and 256-bit AES. Your information stays secure during transfer and storage.

For Enterprise, Industrial and Individual users

Secure file transfers for everyone - businesses, industries, and individuals.

Secured, Fast And Efficient

Enjoy high-speed transfers, top-notch security, and advanced compression algorithms for efficiency.

Competitive Prices

Get budget-friendly pricing plans for businesses of all sizes with unlimited file transfers and storage.

Friendly and Reliable

Blaze Transfer provides a trustworthy service with helpful customer support, ensuring your data's safety and security.

Funded By European Union

By partnering with the European Union, Blaze Transfer delivers excellent encryption solutions, builds a strong network, and stays ahead in data security technology.

Greetings and welcome to Blaze! Our platform is designed to provide secure and fast data exchange for businesses of all sizes, from large industries to small businesses. Blaze Transfer is the solution to simplify your life, whether you need to transfer gigabytes of files or just a small document. Thank you for choosing Blaze!

Marzuk Kamal

Founder & CEO

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