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Boosting Security with One-Time Passwords

Enhance the security of your BLAZE Transfer file exchanges using a One-Time Password (OTP). Watch a Tutorial video to know more!
Customize the portal to reflect your brand's identity and make it more appealing to your clients. Watch a Tutorial Video to know more!
Collaborate easily between your teams and clients without compromising the data security. Watch a tutorial video to learn more!
Sending files using a "Link" is quick and straightforward. Let's walk through the entire process step by step in the tutorial video.
In this blog we discuss about the MoveIt data breach incident highlights and the need for innovative, future-proof solutions.
Explore the challenges and solutions to transferring large video files in various industries with this comprehensive guide. Understand the different methods, practical tips, and security
It's time to swtich to more secured, reliable, cost-effective and fast file transfer solution. Read the blog to know more!
BLAZE Transfer has been awarded by Capterra as "Best of 2023" for easy of use and best value, read the blog to know more!
Explore the revolution of secure, efficient file sharing with Blaze Transfer—a quantum-safe platform enhancing client experiences in our increasingly digital world. Dive into its innovative
Hollywood often oversimplifies data encryption and transfer, creating misconceptions about the true complexity of cybersecurity. In reality, technologies like BLAZE Transfer reflect the intricate and
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