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Collaborative Workspaces

  • Make and Switch Workspaces: Easily set up and shift between workspaces.
  • Manage Teams: Add members and assign their access in each workspace.
  • Track Activities: Monitor all workflow happenings.
  • Share Limitlessly: Transfer as many files as you need securely.
  • Assured Safety: Enjoy peace of mind knowing your files are protected

Advanced Dashboard

  • Workspace details: Maintain control over your workspace with detailed info.
  • Monitor Team Activities: Track team actions for transparency.

Share Large Files

  • Fast Uploads: Quickly send large data amounts.
  • No Size Limits: Send large files as-is, perfect for big videos, images, or databases.
  • Any File Type: A single tool for all file formats.
  • Flexible Sharing: Easily share with your team, via email, or through a secure file exchange link.

Create upload portal

  • Portal Setup: Create your own personal portal to request a file upload.
  • Security Key: Copy the unique key generated and send personally to the receiver.(Fully E2EE)
  • Upload and Download:  Receivers can easily upload and download the  files using the specified portal.

Portal Customization

  • Prominent Logo Placement: Integrate your brand logo seamlessly, ensuring visible and professional representation on the portal.
  • Dynamic Background Images : Personalize the aesthetic with customizable background image slides, tailoring the portal’s visual appeal to match your brand.

File Transfer History

  • Transfer History: All your sent and recieved files are visible under this section.
  • Portal history: All incoming packages from your portals are saved in dedicated folders.
  • Download and Reshare: Re-download or share files again directly from the history.

Instant file exchange status update

Real-time update: check the status of your files, when and how many times your file has been downloaded.

OneDrive Integration

  • OneDrive Integration: Save files straight to the cloud.
  • Device Accessibility: Access your files from any device, anytime.

Looking for the most secured file transfer?

Experience unparalleled data security with our Post-Quantum End-to-End Encryption, designed to meet the diverse protection needs of individuals and enterprises alike.

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