Future Of Quantum-Safe Encryption in Data Security

In today’s digital world, data security is a paramount issue for many businesses, organizations, and general users. Over 50% of all cyberattacks target small to medium-sized enterprises. As data is an invaluable asset for organizations, it is essential to keep it secure from potential cyber-attacks by malicious actors. Studies have shown that enterprises experience roughly 130 security breaches per year, on average. That’s a lot of breaches! 

To keep your data secure and prevent unauthorized access, encryption is often seen as the best solution. Encryption is a method of transforming data into code that makes it hard to break and decipher. Yet many businesses continue to use non-secure forms of file transfer such as email and USBs for sending their confidential information online. With the rise of quantum computing, traditional encryption methods are becoming increasingly vulnerable. Which denotes that it’s high time to invest in secure file-sharing solutions. 

Introducing Blaze Quantum-safe encryption

Blaze Quantum-Safe Encryption File Transfer Solution
Blaze Quantum-Safe Encryption File Transfer Solution

The internet has revolutionized the way we send and receive data. From sending emails to downloading files, the internet has enabled us to do it all. But with such convenience also comes a risk; the risk of data being stolen or intercepted. This is where Blaze comes into the picture.  

Blaze is a quantum-safe hybrid end-to-end encrypted file transfer platform for all industrial and enterprise needs. It is designed to keep your data safe against both quantum computers and classical computers. With Blaze, you can securely transfer large files over the internet without any risk of data theft or interception.

How does Blaze work?

Securely transfer files with Blaze
Securely transfer files with Blaze

Blaze features external file-sharing portals, which allow users to send and receive files from external parties. All of this is done without any risk of data theft or interception. 

Collaborative workspaces, allow users to easily create and manage multiple workspaces, assign team members access, track the entire workflow, and share unlimited files without the fear of data stealing.  

Users can view the detailed history of all their file transfers, download, reshare and manage the expiration date.  

Furthermore, with Blaze’s lightning-fast file streaming solution, users can instantly send large files from one place to another with lightning speed, eliminating the need to wait for files to download.  

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What makes Blaze so secure and reliable for businesses?

Secure business choice :Blaze
Secure business choice: Blaze

Any business regardless of any industry that needs to transfer confidential data internally or to their clients can benefit from Blaze.

1. Increased productivity

Blaze helps organizations and enterprises increase their productivity by allowing them to quickly and easily transfer large files over the internet. This eliminates the need to wait for files to download or use external storage services.  

2. Enhanced security

Data over Blaze is Quantum-safe encrypted using Kyber-1024 + 256-bits Elliptic Curve secured key exchange and 256-bit AES encryption. This ensures that data remains secure, even if there is a security breach or threat from future quantum computers. 

3. Improved collaboration:

Blaze allows users to easily collaborate with members of their organization or external partners and share large files without any risk of data theft or interception.  

4. Easy to use:

Blaze was developed with the end-user in mind. The platform is very intuitive and easy to use regardless of skill level. Not everyone is technologically adept, and Blaze makes sure that even non-technical users can easily and seamlessly share files online. 

5. Cost-effective solution

Blaze is a cost-effective file transfer solution. Users can easily and securely share large files without having to invest in expensive external storage solutions. It’s easy to start with a free plan and later upgrade to our paid plans according to your needs. The interesting thing is that we do provide customized plans for all types of enterprise needs. 

Sounds like Blaze could be the right fit. Try it out for a free plan today or inquire with our sales team for a customized plan designed according to your enterprise needs. 

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